Welcome to Plasmarl Community Centre !


 Tel. 01792 791639

We’ve recently had a new kitchen, additional insulation and new flooring, all thanks to a grant from the Big Lottery’s Awards for All.                                                             (Feb 2019)

Come have a look at your rejuvinated centre!


What’s been happening at Plasmarl Community Centre

Remember Friends of Plasmarl summer fete

on Davis St    16th Sept 1 – 4pm


A yoga class with local instructor Rob Thomas runs on both Tuesday and Friday evenings, starting at 6:30.


Thanks to all for another fun time at the Back-to-School disco!  Special thanks to Amanda for your fab face-painting!


Plasmarl Community Centre’s play area

Thanks from the toddlers to everyone who helped to create the Centre's play area

Thanks from the toddlers to everyone who helped to create the Centre’s play area

The new play area was completed in autumn 2012.  This is used by the Baby & Toddler Playgroup, and is open for everyone in the community to use.  It is a safe, fenced-in area that is ideal for young children and their parents

A number of people from the Centre have worked on this for months, on a voluntary basis — and done a wonderful job!  Local businesses contributed the fencing and benches, along with lending the Centre’s volunteers some of the big tools needed for their work.  A grant from BIFFA covered the cost of the bouncy flooring.    Thanks to everyone for all their hard work and community spirit.